STYLE GURU STYLE: Color Me Monochrome

Day or night, I always find myself sticking to the basics: black, white and gray. Then again, color is always welcome to spruce up yet another black maxi dress from my little closet of horrors. Never disregard the alluring power of a bright color.

Flattering on all skin colors and body types, black and white separates are essential for any decent wardrobe. The A.L.C. resort 2015 collection revolves around clean lines, geometric patterns and mainly black and white pieces. A.L.C. designer, Andrea Lieberman, loves “colors that come across as punk”. Shaking up her collection’s color palette, Lieberman incorporates splashes of chartreuse and acid blue to give her crisp and classic line a bit of edge.

Inspired by Lieberman’s innovative style, I decided to revamp my usual black on black ensemble with a zesty print. Tucked into a pair of lemon print black high-waisted shorts, I wore a sleek silk black tank top. The yellow of the lemons and green of the leaves not only popped against the harsh contrast of the black, but actually distracted the eye, making my legs look slim and tone. This charming effect only further inclined me to delve into this trend.

Lieberman’s take on refined edge led me to add a knotted necklace, featuring an elegant wrapping of gold wire around two cool black stones. To add a touch of monochromatic flare, I wore a pair of white sandals. The interesting texture of the woven leather against the red polish on my toes gave my look a refreshing twist.

Get My Look: 1. Any black tank top. 2. Black shorts with a yellow print. 3. White woven sandals.