STYLE GURU STYLE: Color Is So Last Season

August 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summer trends come and go so quickly that it could give whiplash if you weren’t keeping up. Culottes, platform sandals and bucket bags all had me swooning in the beginning of June, but now it’s the timelessness of crisp white that I find so on point. An all-white outfit is something that consistently feels summery year after year and instantly gives you the feeling of jet setting off to Nantucket or Montauk for the weekend, despite your plans consisting of 99.9 percent Netflix. White feels beachy and preppy.

Of course, I haven’t got even the least preppy of bones in my body, which is why I knew that testing the waters of this alabaster look needed to conform to my edgier wardrobe. While most designers feature a lack of color via voluminous tea-length skirts and other hallmarks of femininity, my inner tomboy was guided to none other than the Donna Karan resort 2016 line. The designer, who recently stepped down as chief designer of her eponymous brand, took the monochrome idea and really ran with it. I was genuinely amazed by her ability to create colorless looks that were still so full of life. It was the particular way that look 2 of the collection emanated that casual-cool vibe that I’m endlessly searching for. Wide-leg pants and a strapless top that somehow doesn’t look girly? Sign me up.

Instantly inspired, I began attempting head to toe white outfits for the next week or so. I tried white T-shirts with white shorts, white sundresses with white sneakers, but it wasn’t until I tried pairing a white suede tank top with my beloved linen and satin jogger pants that I knew I had found my ultimate summer look. I love how the textures are a bit unexpected, elevating the look. Throwing on some neutral sandals, I had the perfect day to night look that was anything but boring. My friends and family can attest to the fact that I’ll probably never wear a significant amount of color in the foreseeable future.

Get My Look: 1. White tank top in silk or suede. 2. White pants in an unexpected cut. 3. Beige heeled sandals.