STYLE GURU STYLE: Color-Block It Like It's Hot

My mother does a lot of complaining about my ever-growing clothing collection; in her eyes I have a “hoarding tendency,” whereas to me, I’m cranking out Fashion Police worthy style and looking to impress the the loads of honeys at the local grocery store (this last part is mostly a joke). Of all the things my mom nags me about though, is my inability to ever have enough black clothing. With sixteen pairs of black shoes and enough black dresses to last me until I’m 30, I see where she’s coming from…but fret not, mother! I’m getting into this new thing called color

Combing through the highlights of the resort 2016 collections, I stumbled upon the show of one of my favorite designers who always oozes with ultimate glamour, Zuhair Murad. Known for dressing bombshells like Blake Lively and J-Lo, Zuhair never fails to impress me with endless beading and silhouettes that don’t cease to flatter a womanly figure. In his resort 2016 collection, I’m in love and inspired by his unusually and shockingly colorful pieces. Hot pink, soft coral and fuchsia are incorporated into his signature body complementing gowns, as well as in fashion-forwards co-ordinating sets and one pieces.

In an attempt to ease myself away from my beloved Wednesday Addams’ look, I recreated my own version of Zuhair Murad’s collection, using the flamboyant hues as my colorful building blocks. I’m a huge fan of color-blocking, so pairing this bright Oscar de la Renta Expressions blouse with my favorite orange Topshop crepe skort was practically a no-brainer. Though I’m a pattern lover, I forewent one to let the bright, summery shades speak for themselves, only to be enhanced by my favorite NYX lipstick in the color Bonfire.

Get My Look: 1. Any eye-popping top in a warm coral or pink. 2. A flirty skirt in a complementary or analogous tone. 3. A pair of classic, but show-stopping kicks.