STYLE GURU STYLE: Cold Shoulders

Hey there Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Only one more week of my articles for the summer, which also means only a few weeks left until the fall semester begins. I wish I could give the cold shoulder to school, but I don’t think it works like that. I’ll admit I’ve been putting a huge damage on my wallet due to all this back to school shopping.

Recently, I’ve been loving co-ords and pairing a top and bottom of the same color together. I’ve been having a hard time finding matching sets, so I’ve settled for pairing one colored pieces together. Normally, I’d be wearing black on black, because you know black is the best color to wear. However, these past months, I’ve been adoring how white on white looks, and it takes a couple of degrees from your body since white clothing doesn’t absorb sunlight the way black does.

I was inspired by Misha Nonoo’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I really enjoyed her collection because of the simplicity. Most of her outfits were of one color, and if they weren’t, they somehow matched. She paired several pieces of the same color, which is what I was looking for in the runway. Her collection was full of jumpsuits, two-pieces and dresses, all of which I’ve been loving this past summer. These pieces make for such easy outfits, leaving you with a full outfit without having to plan out much.

I decided to brighten up my usual outfit by adding a white top and white shorts with a lighter colored hat and light brown shoes. I felt like this outfit is a great outfit representing summer coming to an end. I brought out the long sleeves, hinting that the next season is coming. Another trend I’ve been loving is the off-the-shoulder trend, which explains my top. The shirt is quite sheer, which allows air to seep through, making it okay to wear long sleeves in the summertime sun. As sad as it is that summer is ending, I’m looking forward to fall weather and the outfits I’ll be able to style!

Get My Look: 1. Off-the-shoulder top. 2. White shorts. 3. Floppy hat.