STYLE GURU STYLE: Cobalt Comeback

Happy flashback friday! I hope you’re staying warm during this chilly January where ever you may be in the world. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure cobalt blue was a big color this past summer season, so much so, I think I wrote an article about it. However, I was searching around to see the upcoming trends, and surprisingly I came across a lot of different designers sporting the famed cobalt.

I’m surely not complaining, though, because I am a sucker for the color cobalt! As we can all see, it is an extremely rich color that I think is flattering on every skin tone, and is also very versatile. So, out of the many collections I found with the cobalt theme, I decided to pick an inspirational look from the Milly pre-fall 2015 line.

I wanted to let the Milly look inspire my outfit choice, but because of weather restrictions, I did not want to copy it exactly. What I did take from the look was the color palette. I normally don’t style black and blue together because I think they are two dark colors against my already dark skin tone and it may come across as harsh. However, I like how the Milly look added a trim of white. It breaks up the two cold colors and brightens up the ensemble a bit. I took that into account when picking my beanie and top combo for this outfit.

After picking out the upper half of my outfit, it was time to pick out the bottom half! I decided to go with extremely ripped jeans. Between you and I, I have to admit these jeans are on the border of okay and too much (and honestly my dad hates when I wear them). However, there is something stopping me from throwing them away just yet. So, they stay for now and accompany me in this ensemble very nicely, if I say so myself.

Lastly, I threw on a  pair of classic Converse and my lifesaving beige parka. This jacket is so nice because it has detachable fur inside, meaning when the weather starts becoming warm again, I can detach the fur and wear the jacket year round! It was a pricey purchase, but so worth it for me. If you don’t like beige, it comes in black and green as well!

Get My Look: 1. Cobalt blue big beanie. 2. Stussy black and white mesh long-sleeve. 3. Warm winter beige parka.