February 11th, 2016 at 2:10am

Winter is by far my favorite season. While I have enjoyed the spring and summer 2016 runway shows, I couldn’t have be more excited for the pre-fall lines coming out. Seeing that the bulky sweater was making yet another round this upcoming season caused my heart to fill with joy. But more importantly, Martin Grant’s pre-fall 2016 collection filled my heart with joy.

As soon as I saw his first structured coat with the deep pockets, I knew I was in love. For the majority of my life, I deemed coats as bulky, annoying and thought they ruined my outfit I had perfectly crafted. However, Grant has flawlessly produced a line of coats that could be described as military meets shawl. Instead of the conventional sleeves, a few coats have long slits on the side to put your arms through. This creates a bit of a flare in the sleeves, which helps the coats deviate from a complete box appearance. The shawl-like collar creates almost a whimsical feel and femininity. This drop collar won’t get in the way of your hair, and it won’t feel like your coat is trying to choke you.

These coats deserve to be the center piece in your outfit, if not at least part of the main focus. Their silhouettes look good with just about any outfit, and the neutral colors shouldn’t clash with any handbag or shoe. Say goodbye to that old puffy coat and hello to this new classic and chic look.

The pale pink coat I’m wearing can be found at H&M. The deep pockets reflect those similar to Grant’s as well as the drop-shawl collar and the length. I decided to make the coat the main focus of this outfit since I knew I’d be walking outside a lot. The pale pink color complements the rest of my black ensemble while not being too overpowering. This color will also look good with a variety of other colors like cream, black, navy and gray. I decided to pair my coat with a solid black tank top, black ankle trousers, a statement watch and black booties.

This outfit could work for class, a meeting, a lunch date or pretty much anything else you have on your plate for that day. The key to this trend is finding a color that will coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe and finding one that’s not too long or too short. 

 Get My Look: 1. A structured coat. 2. A bold watch. 3. The perfect ankle trouser