STYLE GURU STYLE: The Clothing That Defines Me

If you were to ask who I am, I would tell you I am outgoing but when it comes to most situations I am very laid-back. I have a love for exploring, especially during the times of warm weather. I’m from a big city but don’t always try to dress like it. I love the shades of whites, nudes, blues, and blacks. I love the little things in life from the smell of my favorite flowers to the purchase of clothing on sale. These characteristics make up me and my everyday style.

My style consists of comfy clothing but is also presentable. With the weather starting to warm up here in Ames, Iowa, I thought it was the perfect occasion to throw on the one of a kind T-shirt dress. I love T-shirt dresses because they can be dressed up or dressed down, and it’s all depending on what look your heart desires. In this particular look, I would say it’s a little dressed down by pairing the dress with Adidas shoes and a knitted sweater. To make it a little less boring, I added touches of pinks throughout the outfit to show off the girly side of my personality.

Another thing I love about this outfit that really relates to my personality is items purchased from a boutique. As much as I love Forever 21 like the next girl, I have a love for boutiques and stores that I describe as “one of a kind.” The pink glasses are from the boutique by my lake house in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, and the earrings are from this local boutique by my home in Chicago that’s run by the cutest old lady.

The last thing that really makes this outfit me is the the detail of bracelets—each one has a meaning to me. Some people find meanings in tattoos or a lucky scarf, but mine are in these bracelets. The one in the shape of Iowa is a representation of my second home. My family, high school, and all the memories of Chicago will always be home, but Iowa is the first place I got to live on my own. To be completely independent with all the new friends I have made and new places I have explored, Iowa will always be my second home. The second bracelet is a representation of my lake house, which is my favorite place to escape. It is planted in the midst of a beautiful forest, on a graceful lake with very little phone service. It’s always been a place for my family and I to spend quality time and escape from stress.

Overall, this outfit defines me—the comfy, the girly, the thoughtful, Valerie Christine. To dress in comfort is to explore and wear pieces that have a story. My style makes me who I am and without it, I wouldn’t be sure of who I am.