STYLE GURU STYLE: Classy Florals

Carolina Herrera has been one of my favorite designers ever since I wrote a report about her during10th grade year. While it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever own one of her creations, mostly due to my price range, I admire her creativity, class and grace and how she transfers these characteristics into her designs.

Her 2016 resort collection further embodies these characteristics. Florals, cropped, off-the-shoulder tops, skirts and dresses, (all in fun colors, of course), make up this lovely collection. The pieces are unique enough to make a lasting impression, but classic in a way that will keep them from ever looking out of date.

To work Carolina Herrera’s classic elements into my own style, I started with a floral skirt I bought at Kohl’s. I paired it with an Old Navy V-neck that was two sizes too big. By doing so, it hung at the ends of my shoulders, was not too low cut and had a cropped look when tucked into the skirt.

For shoes, I slipped on a pair of GUESS stilettos. While shoes weren’t the main focus in the resort collection, these were the perfect combination of casual and dressy. I did not notice any jewelry in the collection, due to either a lack of pizazz or presence, but I couldn’t help but add in my favorite pearl necklace. The classiness of the pearls helped dress up the T-shirt and added to the overall look.

Get My Look: 1. Start with a floral skirt.  2. Pair the skirt with a solid colored T-shirt. 3. A pearl necklace. 4. Stilettos are not required, and could easily be interchangeable with flats if comfort is desired.