STYLE GURU STYLE: Classy and Sassy

I’ve always loved BCBGMAXAZRIA’s unique, elegant and oh so stylish dresses. I only ever paid attention to their formal dresses until recently when I stumbled across their 2016 resort collection. I know I tend to focus solely on resort collections, but when it’s reaching triple digit degrees outside, I tend to turn away from styles with jeans or coats.

As a whole, the collection consists of black, white and denim, with two outfits in particular grabbing my attention. The first being a denim button-up top paired with a black tulle skirt and matching boots. If there’s one thing I just can’t get enough of, other than shoes of course, it’s tulle skirts. You might have noticed this from my articles, but I’m all about versatility. Tulle skirts can be dressed up, dressed down and are just plain fun to wear.

The second outfit that caught my eye was a white summer dress paired with a black leather jacket and combat boots. This outfit was absolutely perfect for me. I have a white summer dress, as seen above, from my sorority initiation hanging in my closet that I almost never wear simply because until now I never knew exactly what to wear it with.

To try and mimic the look, I paired the dress with my black combat boots. These are the perfect combination of style and comfort and are no doubt a dream come true.

I’ve been wanting a black leather jacket for a while now, but I still haven’t gotten myself to put out the money for a truly nice one. Instead, I raided someone else’s closet and borrowed one of theirs. Yes, it was ridiculously hot outside, and still is, but the jacket helped create the look I was going for.

To accessorize, I stuck with simple gold tassel earrings and a matching bow necklace to add to the oxymoron I was going for. I love pairing contradicting styles together, such as black leather with summer dresses, to create a unique look.

Get My Look: 1. White summer dress 2. Black leather jacket 3. Combat boots