STYLE GURU STYLE: Classically Simple

STYLE GURU STYLE: Classically Simple

Have you ever heard that “less is more” or that “simplicity is key”? These two common phrases are the perfect way to easily achieve a classic and chic look with minimal expense or effort.

It was that exact philosophy that came to me after seeing the Vera Wang spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. The vibe that the collection gave was the epitome of chic while only using a couple of staple pieces we all have in our closets. From the classic little black dress to a simple white shirt, Vera Wang was able to transform these simple and inexpensive pieces into high fashion by adding a surprising element into each outfit. Using mostly just whites, blacks and a few red pieces, this collection is the perfect match for both minimalists and those who crave something a little more eclectic.

In order to achieve the overall theme of the collection I decided to keep my outfit fairly simple in the pieces and colors while still adapting it for my everyday in the summer. Rather than wearing my sheer top with a leather piece as it was shown on the runway, I opted for my favorite pair of ripped boyfriend jeans in order to keep the look a bit more casual.

Topping off my outfit, I paired this look with a pair of black heels that help add an unexpected element. Part of this decision was not only to add some edge but because black footwear also seemed to be the choice in the collection.

Even though it can be hard sometimes to imitate the looks we see on the runway, it is much easier to capture the essence that the designer’s hope to convey and adapting it to our everyday needs.

Get My Look: 1. Sheer top 2. Boyfriend jeans 3. Black strappy heels