“Class is an art, a delicate balance between humility and strength” – Unknown.

Classics are forever in style, and can be worn during any season. I was inspired by the classic looks with an updated spin as seen in the Dice Kayek spring 2016 couture collection created by, Dice Kayek. The collection features an array of structured pieces that defied gravity through exaggerations of peplums, silhouettes, cape jackets and plastrons. The color scheme consisted mostly of gray, white and black along with pops of blue, a red ensemble and a piece in green. Although, the collection was reminiscent of historical figures such as, Audrey Hepburn, Ece Ege was able to add a modern twist to each look.

In an effort to keep with the classic look that the show encompasses, I decided to put on my new cape blazer in a neutral tone similar to the color palette of the show. To add my own interpretation of exaggeration, I paired it with my detailed front wrap skort. The geometric design of the skort is similar to the structured pieces throughout the collection. I love that skorts are a trend again because it reminds me of when I was a little girl, who knew they would become a trend in our adult years?

The footwear worn by all the models were a pair of black pointed flats with a strap across the foot. Since I don’t have a pair exactly like this, I decided to play off of the idea and throw on my Steve Madden ankle strap heels in the color nude. Lastly, I added a lace element as an ode to the final piece of the collection, in which the model wore an all-white gown with tiered lace from head to toe. Sometimes, it can be hard to imitate runway looks for a fraction of the price, but it’s all about how you interpret the show and translate it using the pieces of clothing you already own!

Get My Look: 1. Blazer. 2. Skort. 3. Bralette. 4. Sandals.