STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic Minimalism with a Twist

I love classy pieces, and this dress shows the perfect example of what my style looks like. I like basic color pieces. This dress has the perfect combination of basic colors. The white and nude have a perfect balance, and one color isn’t overpowering the other. The colors are so minimal, but the detail in the dress makes the piece stand out.

This outfit was inspired by Jonathan Simkhai’s 2017 resort collection. I fell in love with the pieces that had a nude, white and gold color scheme. This dress was the first thing I thought of when I saw the pieces from the collection. It really looks classy and fun at the same time, and by adding the gold accessories, this outfit is perfect for a girls night out or a date night. I added the gold clutch because in Jonathan Simkhai’s collection the pieces that inspired this look mostly had beaded detailing. That made the gowns stand out more and added the right amount of elegance. I like the gold clutch because it helps bring the dress out even more, and it ties everything together.

The gold watch is my favorite because since the colors of the dress are minimal and classic, the detailing in the gold watch adds a warm tone to the outfit. Minimalistic outfits are very trendy at the moment, and I love the style (as well as the lifestyle); however, I love adding my own twist to it as well.

The final detail of the outfit is the shoes. These shoes were on the clearance rack at JCPenney so I had to grab them. Since I didn’t go all out with the accessories, the shoes topped everything off. Having light color shoes with the color scheme of the dress, kept everything together. This allowed the dress to speak out more than any of the other accessories. The colors of the dress are bright and basic, and if I added dark color shoes or dark accessories it have would taken the attention away from the main focus–the dress.

Get My Look: 1. White lace Dress. 2. Gold watch. 3. Gold clutch. 4. Gold heels.