STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic Curves

Personally, this summer has been hectic with tons of classes, internships, work, professional events and still somehow trying to find time to breathe and go out with my girls in between. Something classy that still flatters your body can sometimes be a tall order to fill. After taking inspiration and notes from Victoria Beckham’s spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection, it’s clear to see that there is definitely a style that brings femininity and can be appropriate for tons of occasions: peplum dresses. Beckham uses a darker color palette for her collection, which has her models looking curvalicious while still maintaining a semi-formal feel.

After also seeing Lanvin’s fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection, using peplum dresses in brighter colors, I decided to pull inspiration from his collection as well. I used a darker colored peplum dress, in this gorgeous deep blue, that still pops enough to make it a somewhat lighter feel for the evening but keeps the classy tone and essence of the event which was my ultimate goal. Pairing it with one of my favorite pairs of heels, these nude pointy toe pumps with gold toe boxes, not only elongates your legs but also brings a fun highlight to your outfit. With the gold toe boxes now a part of my outfit, gold jewelry was a must.

Because this dress was not low cut at all, I decided to not use a necklace, but instead go with a simple, gold cuff bracelet. Finally, I decided since it’s summer, and I’m also trying to not use heat on my hair for a while, a high bun would still help my look be polished, doable and heatless. Finally, I used a liquid eyeliner and an eyeliner that matches the tone of my dress for my waterline and lower lash line. Like this Master Kajal eyeliner that I’m wearing in navy night 540, honestly which is more of a royal blue to be honest, are a must with this look to make it a more fierce-evening look. Overall, this is a very easy and quick look when you’re in need of an outfit that doesn’t take much time to whip you into a stunner for the night. Peplum dresses will allow you to have shape and shake hands all at the same time while looking fabulous from start to finish.

Get My Look: 1. A colored, but darker-toned, peplum dress. 2. A nude or lighter pump. 3. A great fluid eyeliner and eyeliner that matches the tone of your dress for your waterline and/or lower lash line.