When I first discovered the world of fashion at the age of 11, I became obsessed with the classic looks of Coco Chanel. In fact, I would even credit Chanel for being one of the first designers that inspired me to pursue an education and career in fashion. I studied her life and her career, and I knew it was the path I wanted to follow.

Even under the guidance of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel continues to produce the iconic classic looks that Coco herself invented. Tweed, pearls, the little black dress, trousers for women; you name it, those same polarizing looks are still coming down the Chanel runways today.

I found inspiration for my look from the Chanel pre-fall 2015 show. This show was about the jackets! The tweed jacket and skirt combination is one of Chanel’s most classic looks and never goes out of style. After seeing this look I knew I wanted to pair a tweed style jacket with pants.

Chanel is so successful even in 2016 because her iconic looks are timeless. Therefore recreating these classic looks today are so easy to match without a runway budget. Even if it’s not exact, my look still has that timeless feeling about it. Instead of a stiff jacket I decided to go with a tweed style blazer that is more relaxed and lighter weight for the summer. Pants are difficult for me to pull off because of my height, therefore I went for a pair of “formal” joggers that are tapered on the bottom. Combined with simple two strap heels, they give me the illusion of longer legs. To bring this outfit up to speed with 2016 trends, I tucked in a mock neck tank. Turtlenecks were seen throughout every season this past year and mock necks are perfect for the summer heat. In order to make my outfit look classic, I chose more neutral colors.

Get My Look: 1. Jacket 2. Top. 3. Pants. 4. Heels.