When it comes to summer, the words “tight” and “clothing” should never be used in the same sentence. Summer should be about feeling airy, free and relaxing. As it gets hotter, we forget that we can still be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Since layering is not an option in 90 degree weather, throwing a tank top and putting on our shortest shorts becomes our “go-to” outfit. Thankfully, Baja East has designed clothing known as “loose luxury,” which means that it is made with durable material but it is laid-back.

If I had to describe my outfits for this spring/summer Runway, it would be Baja East’s ready-to-wear spring 2015 collection. It is a mixture of the West Coast’s laid back style with a touch of New York City’s street style. This collection amazed me because most of their pieces were fit to suit men and women. Baja East made looking laid back and comfortable-sexy effortless which we all thought was impossible to achieve!

I incorporated this collection in my outfit by thinking liberated. I wore a light weight striped button-up shirt that I tied in the front to show a little skin. I wanted to show a little skin to show the sexy city appeal that this collection had. If you do have bigger breasts, I suggest you button the shirt a little bit more and wear a bandeau that will provide support and coverage. If you do not want to show skin at all, you can button the shirt and tuck in one of the ends into the pants to still give it that relaxed look.

As for the pants, I wore my Free People jogger jeans that were light enough for my legs to still breathe. They were loose just like my shirt which gave the whole look a “chill” vibe to it. To make this outfit acceptable to wear out with friends to eat brunch, I added a formal cross-body bag from kate spade. One formal piece in your outfit can alter the type of outfit completely. If the bag is not enough to make you leave your house with baggy clothes, add a pair of ankle strap heels! Ankle strap heels will show the right amount of skin on your feet to give your outfit a sophisticated touch to it.

Get My Look: 1.Loose top. 2. Comfortable joggers. 3. Gladiator flats.