I loving celebrating spring by putting on a beautiful dress and enjoying the sunshine. I have always loved wrap dresses because they are very flattering for almost every figure. Now that the flowers are beginning to bloom, so are the floral pattern clothes.

My floral splice wrap dress is from Charlotte Russe. It is beautiful and flowy with a cold shoulder feature and a slender belt at the waist. Usually when I have a piece of clothing with a very dominant pattern, such as plaid or floral, I let that be the statement piece of my outfit.

I want to go for a boho-chic vibe and I want my accessories to play off the floral pattern in my dress. Since the dress has a splice at the neckline, I would either go without a necklace or pair it with a choker.

My jewelry is going to bring a little glam to my outfit. For earrings, I choose my pink jeweled studs so it accents the pink in my dress. Stud earrings are a better choice for this outfit because it isn’t too flashy. Whether I wear my hair up or down, it will give a little shine that isn’t too overwhelming.

For my shoes I want it to be more bohemian, so I wear my beaded flat sandals. The beading in the sandals brings a more down-to-earth vibe than if I paired them with heels. Also, the beading in the sandals match the white and pinks in the dress and helps it blend in versus standing out.

This look would be great from going out to lunch with friends or a stroll outside on a beautiful spring day. Everyone should definitely invest in a gorgeous floral dress this season.