STYLE GURU STYLE: Channeling Chanel

Channeling Chanel—it’s an allusion I like to use when referring to watching a high couture fashion show. I watched Chanel’s spring 2015 fashion show and found it all incredibly inspiring. From the extravagant headwear to the monochromatic palette, I was in utter amazement as Chanel slayed another season. Coco Chanel has always been one of my favorite designers; her 20th century Parisian couture is elegant and antique in its tailoring and lapels and fabulously displayed. Spring 2015’s designs stayed true to the classic Chanel but added a twist of the modern societal woman—midi skirts and blazers with frayed fabrics and beaded embellishments. What I adored most about her show was how each piece was so similar yet so different from the next. By varying skirt lengths and changing the fabrication of the pockets on each modest jacket, Chanel brought a truly captivating artistic form to her show.

Being a Fashionista, I tried my very best to repeat what Chanel so effortlessly created. I paired two monochromatic pieces with tights and some rugged boots to add a touch of edginess to my outfit. The sheer lacing of my top and the frilliness of my skirt paralleled well with Chanel’s variety of fabrics, and the black really kept the tone simple and chic. The look I was closely replicating was a part of the darker parts of the collection, and I felt that a monochromatic black matched with the cold winter months still in session.

Chanel’s spring 2015 designs encouraged me to keep my outfits simple and historically modern, a contradiction you may think is hard, but with the pieces created by Chanel, the contradiction can be achieved.

Get My Look: 1. A sheer lace top. 2. A frilly skirt that is the same color as your shirt. 3. A pair of weathered boots.