STYLE GURU STYLE: Change Is Coming

STYLE GURU STYLE: Change Is Coming

This summer has been packed full of inspiring new trends and I love that we’re beginning to see changes in the norms of fashion. Adding a pop of color or a fun print is becoming more common than the dated all black look. Adding a little extra fabric, flare or volume is becoming celebrated rather than making sure that every article of clothing is skintight. Don’t get me wrong, I love these trends and will surely continue to wear them, but it is so refreshing to see something new on the horizon. This idea is clearly displayed throughout the Ace & Jig fall 2016 ready-to-wear line.

This line is overflowing with rich colors and simple patterns. I relish how new spins on traditional features are so prominent throughout this collection. For example, a common element of the pieces in this line includes stripes. Instead of the typical crisp stripe, the patterns in this collection feature more jagged lines or stripes in contrasting directions. Also, the pieces in this collection are full of volume—Something we haven’t seen too very much of in the recent months. Wider silhouettes incorporate the revival of the ‘70s. These simple changes are a fresh new take on a classic look.

I created a look based on this collection and was incredibly pleased with the results. I started out with a faded pair of kick flare jeans. These incorporated the ‘70s reminder I mentioned earlier. Next, I knew I wanted to add a simple pattern that had a new twist. I found the perfect blouse that used dashes to create stripes, how cool. I slipped on a chic pair of slide on sandals and tied a suede thread around my neck for an added edge.

Get My Look: 1. Kick flare jeans. 2. Unique printed blouse. 3. Slide on sandals.