STYLE GURU STYLE: Chanel's Canadian Jumpuit

I think I was a little ahead of the times when I wore denim on denim as a six-year-old, but today I’m right with the indigo runway trend. Isn’t it nice not to have to match anything but the fabric and the wash?

Taking a page from Chanel’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I paired some of my favorite pieces together: skinny jeans and a chambray shirt. This outfit is both fashionable and functional, much like the denim pieces Karl Lagerfeld created for the runway. He also threw in a lot of patterns, texture and outfits that were matching like a co-ord but still different, much like matching denim with denim.

Jeans and button downs are staples in every wardrobe no matter what your age. So by combining these two classic pieces, I achieved a look that not only looks good enough to wear to work, but is also comfortable enough to walk to class in. Adding the hat and boots created an almost Western, cowboy vibe that I’m always into. That might just be all the John Wayne movies growing up, though. Adding a necklace with color, like red, adds a pop of color and breaks up all the different shades of blue.

Even though it was their ready-to-wear collection, a lot of those runway shows aren’t very wearable, especially for a college student. So, by translating Chanel’s denim pieces into my favorite pieces I got a look that was classy, comfortable and almost runway ready.

Get My Look: 1. Skinny jeans. 2. Chambray Shirt. 3. Boots. 4. Hat. 5. Necklace.