STYLE GURU STYLE: Chanel, Meet Gibson

Trying my hardest to avoid all responsibilities on my to-do list, I stumbled across Chanel’s spring 2015 couture collection and my heart grew three sizes. As the Grinch would say, I’ve “loathed entirely” these past few frigid months. I’m happy that February takes another day because I can’t help but anticipate the warmth. Spring is right around the corner and I welcome it with open arms. As I look through my closet, I realize it’s time to start preparing! Kara Lagerfeld brought Chanel’s new spring collection to life with vibrant oranges, greens, blues and more. Along with the eye-catching colors and textures, Lagerfeld put on a performance as well. The show created a paradise like no other.

This collection inspired me to embrace the sprightliness of upcoming season. By doing so, I brought it back to the basic with the start of my outfit. A form fitting white fit tank top accompanied by a pair of high-waisted denim jeans that I cuffed over my booties. My outfit blossomed just like the flowers in spring when I put on my favorite lively Gibson brand orange blazer. I allowed my blazer to take all the credit and steered clear of any type of chunky jewelry. I kept on my small silver necklace that I sport daily. I felt that my shoes should not overwhelm my outfit, so I threw on a pair of suede putty booties. To finish off my look, I dressed up my high ponytail with a multi-colored turban headband.

Get My Look: 1. Colored blazer. 2. Detailed headband. 3. Neutral booties.