In the summer, I find myself always falling back on one specific article of clothing: the chambray shirt. Why the chambray shirt, you ask, and not a basic white T-shirt or a pair of cute sandals? Well, it’s a piece that is versatile and can add something to almost any outfit. The reason I find it great for the summer is because instead of layering on a jean jacket when its cooler you can just add the shirt instead and it gives you that same look you’re going for. You’ll beat the heat in it and still add that pop of denim you desire.

I took inspiration from the Nomia resort 2016 runway show due to how functional the pieces are and the use of chambray throughout the looks.

The outfit I styled is a more casual summer look for hanging out with friends or going out to lunch. Instead of using the chambray shirt as a layering piece in my outfit, I made it the main focus and used it as just simply a shirt. With it I paired this adorable pair of patterned shorts from Forever 21. I love the way the black and white tribal print adds that necessary pop of something that the outfit needs. To complete the outfit I added a pair of black and gold sandals to pull the look together. This causal, laid back summer outfit has become a go-to of mine.

Get My Look: 1. Any chambray shirt. 2. Cute pair of shorts or pants. 3. A pair of neutral shoes.