STYLE GURU STYLE: 'Cause I'm a '90s Chick

The ‘90s are making a comeback this summer, and there’s nothing I’m more obsessed with than this casual throwback style. After dressing in business clothes during the workweek, you begin to realize how much you appreciate being able to slip on some comfortable sandals and a boyfriend T-shirt. With a hint of grunge, this easy look is what the ‘90s style is all about.

As seen in Madewell’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, it’s clear that the two most popular items that scream ‘90s are overalls and Birkenstocks. At first, I was hesitant to try them out. I couldn’t pull the look off as a kid, so what would make me think that I could do it now? Eyeing a pair of shortalls and some suede Birkenstocks at Madewell, however, I couldn’t help but try them on. The verdict: Why didn’t I start wearing these sooner?

Shortalls have proven to be my go-to summer item whether it be a chill weekend at home or a trip down to the beach. This pair from Madewell is incredibly comfortable and perfectly worn-in, making them super soft. I’ve been wearing my Birkenstocks practically all year and they are the most comfortable sandals I own. Unlike flip flops, they are very supportive and mold perfectly to your feet. They also come in a million different colors and materials to suit your style.

If you’re already wearing some ‘90s pieces, you might as well go all out, accessories included. My adidas snapback is great to throw on when I’m having a bad hair day, which is practically every day during the summer. Last but not least, these John Lennon-style Ray-Bans complete the overall ensemble.

Get My Look: 1. Overalls. 2. Birkenstocks. 3. A snapback hat.