Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to Markus Lupfer’s pre-fall 2015 fashion show. I was dazzled by the textures, colors, shine and sparkle of Lupfer’s designs, inspiring me to dress in more patterns for this cold winter. I have always seen warm winter clothing as being monochromatic, and I admit my winter wardrobe consists of mostly blacks, grays and whites. I had never imagined fabric with reflective qualities would be so mesmerizing. Lupfer’s pairing of his colors and patterns with basic grays and blacks gives the pieces depth and highlights their shine. This show uses voluptuous contrast of light and dark and color blocking to give a textural richness to the pieces. Markus Lupfer is a true master of the art of combining texture and colors to the best advantage.

Since it’s winter, the looks that especially caught my eye were Lupfer’s structured pants and eye-catching tops. Even though my winter wardrobe lacks clothes that have the ability to reflect light, I was up to the challenge. I found I could achieve a casual version of Markus Lupfer’s upbeat style by focusing on mixing eye-catching designs and patterns with basic colors that show them off. For my top, I chose a bold design of cats appliqued to a gray-blue sweatshirt. I followed Lupfer’s look by adding patterned structured crop pants. Finally, pulling the look together by adding simple black shoes and a beanie to keep warm.

Get My Look: 1. A comfy sweatshirt with a eye-catching design. 2. The awesome patterned pants. 3. A black fleece beanie.