STYLE GURU STYLE: Cat Eye Sunglasses

My favorite accessories are my sunglasses, especially during the summer months. Sunglasses are not only a necessity to keep the sun out of your eyes, but they look cool while doing it. There are so many different shapes and shades of sunglasses too. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect pair. In the Tracy Reese fall 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show, many models displayed all the different colors and shapes of sunglasses.

My personal favorite would have to be cat eye sunglasses. I feel that the shape looks the best on me and they are really fun! My new favorite pair of sunglasses is from the Quay Australia brand. I love these sunglasses because I’ve never seen this color combination before and they are cat eye too! This exact pair of sunglasses is called CHACHA and they come in black tortoiseshell (featured above), black, and chocolate as well. The best way to figure out what sunglasses look the best on you is to try on as many pairs as you can.

The best thing about the CHACHA sunglasses is that they make my outfit that I was wearing. The flowy, patterned pants are perfect for the hot weather because they go with the breeze. These summer pants can be carried over to the fall months too. The pants are easily paired with a tucked in, black tank top. This look is perfect for a day out or lunch with friends.

Get My Look: 1. Cat eye sunglasses. 2. Patterned pants. 3. Neutral tank top.