STYLE GURU STYLE: Casually Neutral

You can always find a white T-shirt in my closet. It is a staple piece every Fashionista should have. As I watched the Michael Kors spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, the color palette inspired me to utilize my neutrals.

My outfit includes olive green pants with a baggy white T-shirt. I am also wearing brown sandals and gold accessories to give my look a summer feel. I wanted to create a basic and casual but totally trendy outfit. Even on my lazy days, I like to dress with style. My gold bracelet and necklace aren’t too flashy, which give off a laid back vibe.

Sticking to a simple color palette, I created a casual chic outfit. As seen in the Michael Kors spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, sticking to neutrals can still make your outfit stand out from the crowd. A white T-shirt will always stand out against contrasting neutrals.

Comfortable outfits can always be turned into fashionable looks. To make my outfit different, I added an over-the-shoulder purse. This fashionable purse dresses up the outfit. This accessory works because it stays within the neutral color palette and doesn’t compete with my white T-shirt. The subtle gold embedded on the purse also gives my outfit character while matching my bracelet and necklace.

It is always important that you don’t have too many competing pieces to your outfit. One dominant piece that demands your attention, such as my white T-shirt, is all you need.

Get My Look: 1. A baggy white T-shirt. 2. Baggy green pants. 3. A gold necklace.