STYLE GURU STYLE: Can You Dig It, Calvin?

It’s technically not summer, but that fact certainly didn’t stop me from changing into a tank top and opting for my ceiling fan’s “max speed” setting when I found myself perspiring while typing this. And as I continue to be victimized by the merciless California sun, I’ve tried shoving my sweaters to the back of the closet in efforts to make more room for my (scarily extensive) compilation of crop tops. Unfortunately, before I could begin the transition, I came across this one, totally-indie-and-probably-unheard-of designer, whose pre-fall 2015 collection offered a delightful blast from the past. This fellow’s name is Calvin Klein, and even though we haven’t heard much from him until now, I predict that he’ll eventually cross paths with the limelight one of these days. But, in all sincerity, his ’70s-inspired pieces could be characterized by some of my favorite words: sophistication, charm and dissimilarity. Graced with soft, neutral tones, the patchwork sweaters and maxi skirts of the Calvin Klein collection contrasted the deep burgundies and browns of the more leathery looks (think Jacqueline Bisset’s style, during her glory days).

My affinity for retro ensembles caused me to fall for this collection’s modern grooviness, and while I dream of the days when I can pull off a leather jacket and mini skirt simultaneously (without dying from heat exhaustion and getting a lot of questioning glances), I’ll happily settle on something that displays both sides of the pre-fall collection in a wearable manner.

Calvin Klein runway styles proved that warm and cozy can play fair with the edginess of bolder pieces. My leather skirt, accented with zippers at the waist, is paired with a cream-colored cable knit sweater—the dynamic duo is a more personal and contemporary take on the yesteryear-inspired fashions. I’ve always had a thing for zippers (they add that biker-chic touch), so this skirt has quickly become one of my favorites. Fun fact: its PU (polyurethane) lining helps prevent that whole “sweaty thighs” situation that every woman is subjected to during the warmer seasons, and while I can’t say that a leather skirt is the most comfortable thing to wear in 85 degree weather, it certainly beats wearing a leather coat (not that I would know).

The not-too-thick knee-high socks and black suede loafers top everything off with a refinement that Calvin Klein’s known for. My cross-body bag is a bit of a throwback itself; the vintage Fendi was handed down from my aunt and completes the outfit perfectly.

Get My Look: 1. Neutral-colored cable knit sweater. 2. Black zippered leather skirt. 3. Black knee-high socks. 4. Black suede loafers.