When I saw the alice + olivia resort 2016 collection, I instantly fell in love with the different pairings of bright colors and unique prints. I love this particular runway trend because it’s bold, fun and expressive. If I owned these pieces, I would put on a smoky eye look and strut my way around town with a pair of Lady Gaga’s round Mickey sunglasses. The thought of adding some boldness and spice to my style excites me.

In this particular outfit, I played it safe and went for a more bohemian look which nonetheless represents my love and longing for adventures. My button-down is white, allowing the purple in my patterned pants to really stand out. I personally love this outfit because the shirt feels light and the silk fabric of the pants makes them extremely comfortable and breathable for a summer evening. This look is inspired by the color pairings in outfits for the alice + olivia resort 2016 collection as well as my admiration for music. There’s something about indie songs that makes me want to step outside, embrace the nature and experience a mixture of different emotions. My Nine West bag and flowery wedges are both an earthy brown color, reminding me of the jungle or a cabin in the woods. I can just imagine wearing this when going camping with friends for a weekend, roasting marshmallows by the campfire and coming home with smoky smelling hair and unforgettable memories.

Get My Look: 1. White blouse. 2. Bohemian bottoms. 3. Brown leather bag. 4. Brown wedges.