Versace, as a brand, has a unique identity that can be observed through many years, but what Donatella Versace does is evolving fashion trends in the world-famous Italian luxury company. She is one of my favorite designers, who changes her visions and ideas as fast as the time changes. Versace presented a ready-to-wear spring 2016 collection, with camouflage as the main motif.

The motif of camouflage is usually related to military uniforms and they are associated with war. This ready-to-wear spring 2016 collection was Versace’s battle with herself to get rid of self-imposed restraints and develop the brand: “I wanted to challenge myself, to do something strong,” she says about her work as a designer.

With a military foundation for her shapes, prints and embellishments, she focused on incorporating camouflage uniform jackets and star-studded lapels on shirts in this collection. She crafted the garments in fitting forms while mixing together orange and purple stripes. Then, the designer paired the outfits with platform heels and shorts.

Drawing inspiration from this collection, I have styled a pair of camo joggers, which are always in style, with a white T-shirt and sneakers—I am more of an everyday cool girl than a runway lady. My simple outfit that can be worn on a daily basis is my personal transformation of Versace’s urban energy.

What I have learned from Versace’s collection is that you can have a strong and unique personal style only when you win the inner battle with yourself.