STYLE GURU STYLE: Cameron Jackson

It’s both strange and exciting to say that this will be my third semester on the CollegeFashionista team. The past year has absolutely flown by, and I feel like I’ve grown so much in my writing and sense of personal style. I’m so impressed by the way that CollegeFashionista has transformed and evolved to become an even more extensive, awesome and absolutely RAD platform for fashion lovers to see and share their favorite trends. These changes motivate me even more to deliver the best content that I can to readers and enjoy the talent of other Fashionistas/os in this community.

Once again, my personal style has taken a recent shift as we have gotten into the colder months. I’ve recently loved simple, classic items that can go with any outfit. As you can see above, I’ve opted for a cream colored knit sweater and black leggings. I’ve paired this with saddle brown riding boots and a matching purse with gold detailing. Additionally, I’m wearing one of my favorite accessories for this season, a plaid blanket scarf that keeps me warm on those chilly mornings.

For this upcoming semester, I’m excited to experiment with some simple, minimalistic trends. I’ll try matching my black slip-on sneakers with oversized sweaters. Or, I would love to try out a pair of booties, with a T-shirt dress and a pair of black over-the-knee socks. Last, my absolute go-to accessory is a cute beanie. I probably have a small collection at this point, with hats in blue, gray, maroon, green and many more colors. I can’t wait to share some of my new looks with you all, and to see how everyone else will inspire me with their awesome senses of style.

Just thinking about this semester with CollegeFashionista gets my creative juices flowing. I just know that this will be another great experience with a group of guys and girls that all feel like my friends, conquering the fashion world one post at a time. Stay tuned for a new post every Friday. I’ll be celebrating some of the most fashionable students at Elon University with the world, once again. It’s a great responsibility to have, and I can’t wait to see what outfits I’ll see this time. Here’s to another fashionable semester!