STYLE GURU STYLE: California Hipster

As I was scrolling through Tumblr one lazy summer afternoon, I stumbled upon the runway shots of Saint Laurent spring 2016 menswear and fell instantaneously in love. This collection is titled Surf Sound and subtitled “A Tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture”. It features a mix and match of choker necklaces, black booties, cheap plastic sunglasses, lace and couture leather jackets. As a student studying in California and as a lover of quirky vintage fashion, I knew I had to recreate the look and share it with you all. Thank you Saint Laurent for giving me the motivation to get out of bed today!

I started piecing my look together by first throwing on an old lace dress reminiscent of my grandmother’s night gown. I then topped that off by wearing a denim jacket, making the entire look more put together as the structure of the jacket balances out the soft frills of the lace dress. I opted for a denim jacket instead of a leather jacket as featured in the runway for two main reasons: first, it is far too warm and humid for leather. Second and most importantly, I do not have a quality leather jacket.

The accessories are where the quirkiness of the outfit comes in. As a fanatic of ’90s fashion, this look gives me the perfect excuse to put on my velvet choker necklace. Choker necklaces are my favorite because not only are they extremely affordable, but they can also add elegance and edge to your look at the same time. You also cannot forget your lace trim socks. Topshop has a variety of ankle socks with different patterns and trims. The lace trim peeks out just above my ankle booties, boosting the playful vibe of the entire outfit. To finish this hipster look, put on some gigantic shades that hide your entire face before you step out the front door.

I hoped you enjoyed my recreation of the Surf Sound collection. This collection speaks to me as it is wearable, interesting and close to my personal style. Check out the runway looks, and let it inspire to be bold and creative everyday.

Get My Look: 1. Big plastic shades. The funkier the better. 2. A choker necklace. 3. Lace trim socks.