STYLE GURU STYLE: Business Is Back

As most of the CollegeFashionista Style Gurus are probably interested in pursuing a career in fashion, it is important that we know how to dress professionally – without losing our spunk! It is Diane von Furstenberg’s ability to combine both style and professionalism that attracted me to her fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection.

Furstenberg’s line includes primarily structural business attire, but she adds a light feminine touch with a few dresses by incorporating some sheer fabrics. Despite being business casual, Furstenberg does not shy away from bold juxtapositions of colors and patterns. Some might see this as a downfall, but her willingness to take things to the extreme is what makes her a household name.

I am only in my freshman semester at Syracuse University, and I have already had three interviews and a few formal outings, which required business casual clothing. It didn’t take me long to realize my closet was sorely lacking in this department.

As a college student, my bank account couldn’t afford the type of hit that purchasing designer dress shirts, suits, heels and etc. in large quantities could potentially cost me. So, I suffered silently throughout the first semester, but as soon as I got home, I hit the ground running.

The look I put together to demonstrate a union between business and fashion includes a somewhat sheer royal blue button-down shirt, black dress pants, a black and white polka dotted statement jacket and matching blue heels. The look remains professional in its shape, while, like Furstenberg’s line, incorporating bright colors and daring patterns.

I even managed to create this look without breaking the bank. In fact, it barely made a dent because I purchased all of the elements included from Goodwill (each for only a dollar, never discredit thrift shopping!) except the pants, which were from Target. The total cost for this outfit was about $25 dollars.

If you were looking to create an outfit for an interview or an outing that wasn’t for a fashion-related career, where it wasn’t as important to show personality but more important to focus on practicality, you could easily adjust this outfit for your needs. A simple white business shirt under the polka-dotted jacket or a plain black jacket with the blue business shirt would significantly tone down this look.

Get My Look: 1. Bold colored button-down. 2. Statement business jacket. 3. Accenting heels.