STYLE GURU STYLE: Business Blazer Meets Casual Consumer

March 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

The fall season introduced us to the idea of classic novelty. Black boots, gray pantsuits and overcoats took charge as the more frivolous leg warmer and flannel counterparts added an element of fun to the outfit. Designers successfully combined the conventional with the unknown, creating an almost renaissance of customary fashion. Fausto Puglisi took part in this reinvention of fashion in his pre-fall 2016 line, which blurs the line between casual and business attire.

By examining Puglisi’s work, we see the emphasis on the blazer. It is used to intertwine the business-like quality of the black, white and tan accents of the jacket with the splash of color from underneath. Puglisi’s neutrals demand attention and entice a group of onlookers with their sense of sophistication. My neutral and warm color pairing can also be seen in Puglisi’s work, where pink cloth peeks out from underneath a cloak of beige.

Puglisi’s line consists of outfits that look comfortable and sensible, which makes the combinations perfect for the everyday life of a college student.

When I was planning my look, I decided to substitute the dress pants with black jeans, and cowboy boots with black leather heels. I paired the jeans with a red tank top and a black belt to create an ordinary, everyday outfit. I used Maybelline Colorsensational LipColor in Red Revival to bring out the reds of both the tank top and the blazer.

Just like the styles seen in Puglisi’s line, my outfit has the ability to take control of a room in a powerful yet endearing manner.

Get My Look: 1. Blazer. 2. Black belt. 3. Leather boots.