Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love menswear. I love the construct, the colors, the themes and obviously the men! Having a small background in menswear fashion from working a show for Mark McNairy, interning at Ermenegildo Zegna and working at Club Monaco, I feel like the collections are always taken to a whole other level with a new and fresh approach, offering our guy something completely out of the ordinary. There is so much you can do with menswear and the runway shows are killing it. I don’t see a lot of edginess in the women’s collection and when I do I feel like it’s something I’ve seen over and over again. Therefore, I’m less inspired by the women’s collection because I have an edgy, grunge and rugged style and menswear just hits the spot.

I decided to wear an all-black A-line dress with pockets and styled it with a burnt orange patterned scarf. This look is inspired by the spring 2016 Ann Demeulemeester menswear collection. This collection is made up of tight, sleeveless denim-style jackets in black and white, which were the main focus of the show. The designer, Sebastien Meunier, used a monochromatic color scheme: orange and dark emerald. The colors made the show POP, “emphasizing the contours of his apparently jumbled but, in fact, exhaustively landscaped strata” according to!

In my own look, I put together an ensemble that (hopefully) approached Demeulemeester’s collection with a different and modern perspective for the ladies out there who are also inspired by menswear. My stylish infinity scarf is made up of asymmetrical shapes with a similar color scheme to Meunier’s collection. The entire collection consists of an all-black base, so I put on an A-line black dress with pockets. It’s as if I’m wearing pants and kind of mimicking the menswear look but in a very feminine, classic way. I decided to finish the look off with some rugged, open toe lace-up boots. They are perfect because I feel like I could be the female version of look four. You can also wear white sneakers if you prefer!

Get My Look: 1. Any little black dress or romper. 2. A scarf with a RAD pattern on it. 3. Some rugged, black, beat-up boots.