STYLE GURU STYLE: Building Blocks

We spend so much energy, time and money stressing over the new “it” trend. It seems that once we finally get our hands on the latest pair of must-have gladiator sandals or culottes, they’re deemed so last season. One lesson every Fashionista needs to learn is when to splurge on seasonal trends and when to invest in staples. I learned this the hard way last season when I invested in bright neons, only to learn this spring that blacks and whites are being coveted. Alexander Wang‘s 2015 spring fashion show inspired me to root through my closet and rely on basics rather than temporary fads to amp my look.

As a solution, I have decided to focus on articles of clothing and accessories that are not “in style,” but will always be vital: linen shorts, collared shirts and simple dresses. By stocking up on these, I will (hopefully) stop facing the daily epidemic of not having anything to wear.

Recently, I have gotten into the habit of vamping up my basics. I think this is a great way to pay homage to classic styles while incorporating my own twist. Today, I tried to approach the classic nautical look that is perfect for summer with a little bit of a twist. I was able to prevent my collared shirt from looking like a school uniform by choosing one with dark colors and a cropped fit. I also believe I channeled the court side at the U.S. Open look (is that even a thing?) without looking too preppy by opting for a pair of white shorts with some embossing. Without the sandals, my outfit toes (pun intended) the line of being too mature and boring for someone my age. By adding them, the classic staples in my outfit perfectly embody the athletic trend that is “so in” right now.

Get My Look: 1. The shorts. 2. The shirt. 3. The sandals.