Although neutrals are the way of Italy fashion, spring is coming soon, and I am excited to see what colors will begin to pop up along the streets of Florence. Recently, I checked out alice + olivia’s spring collection, and it is filled with bright oranges, yellows, blues and reds, the usual colors of spring. Along with their bright colors they incorporated in mostly all of the looks, many of them are completed with bright bucket bags.

Although bright bucket bags are a trend of spring 2015, it is still winter here in Italy, so I stuck to the Italian neutral style. This bucket backpack has been perfect for walking around Florence and going on my day trips. It is functional and cute to carry all of my essentials. I love this bag because it is perfect to keep my self protected from the pickpockets that flood Europe. The bag has multiple pockets on the inside, but it also has a zipper and a two-way buckle on the outside to make it difficult for people to reach in and grab my belongings.

Not only is this bag practical, it also works perfectly for my everyday outfits. I am constantly getting compliments on my backpack. This spring, try adding some color to your wardrobe with a bright colored bucket bag. Even if you are not used to bright colors, this would be a perfect accent to add to your day to day outfit.

Don’t think just because its spring you have to constantly dress in bright colors. Pastels and neutrals works just as well. These bright colored bucket bags will be just enough to get you into that spring swing.

Get My Look: 1. Polazzo pants. 2. Bucket bag. 3. High-top Converse. 4. Denim Shirt.