STYLE GURU STYLE: Bringing Couture to the Streets

STYLE GURU STYLE: Bringing Couture to the Streets

I am a firm believer that looking good leads to feeling good. A regular workout routine, a healthy diet and #RAD outfit will give you the pep in your step that is needed to take on the world.

If you are in need of some unique fashion inspiration, take a look at Stella McCartney’s Adidas and Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jone’s Nike line, as well as the 2014 Chanel, Christian Dior and Atelier Versace Runway Shows. There was an element of surprise when Cara Delivingne opened the Chanel Runway show in a pair of sneakers. Just this week, Tove Lo wore a Dion Lee Dress with Reebok Sneakers and was among the Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2016 MTV VMA’s. The hottest runway trends are now becoming more applicable to everyday life!

Even though my day is crammed full of work and school responsibilities, I always make time for a workout. Typically, I will go on a nice trail run, followed by a yoga sequence. If there is one thing I love more than fashion, it is my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

When post-workout time comes around, I know exactly what you are thinking…The last thing that you probably want to do is get ready and put some makeup on. Well, guess what—looking runway ready after a brutal workout isn’t as difficult as it sounds. 

Usually, I am still feeling pretty sporty after a workout. So, I will base the rest of my ensemble off of a pair of sneakers. Before you start the planning process, be sure to look at the weather so you can determine if a pair jeans, shorts, overalls or even a dress/skirt will be best for the day ahead. Don’t be afraid to rock sneakers with a dress if you want a feminine/playful look! If you combine sneakers with the right look, they can be worn in pretty much any situation! The stigma of women having to wear high heels to look fancy has been broken.

Instead of a bra, opt for a more comfortable support system. A bralette is not as constricting as a regular bra and the lace straps are way more stylish than unsightly bra straps that we all try to hide. Lastly,  If you don’t have time to wash your hair after a workout, spritz on some dry shampoo and throw on a hat or rock a messy bun!

Could it get any better than wearing an outfit that can be worn for both work and play? Yes–What is even better about this outfit is it doesn’t hurt the old broke college student’s wallet. Everything I am wearing in the images are very affordable and still feel like a more expensive brand.

Although it is important to be self-discipline, don’t forget to treat yourself with that cupcake you have been craving or those shoes that you have been eyeballing every once in awhile! Life is too short to not take advantage of the little things.

Get my look: 1. H&M overalls  2. H&M Ribbed Jersey Top with Lacing  3. Nike Air Force 1’s 4. Free People bralette