STYLE GURU STYLE: Bringing Back Bouchra

Sometimes I think that when I look at fashion trends for the colder months of the year, I am willing to either sacrifice warmth for style or vice versa. In reality, why don’t we strive for the best of both worlds in our outfits? The other day when I was planning my outfit for a brunch out with my friends on a frigid morning, I picked an outfit that was inspired by the recent Bouchra Jarrar spring 2015 couture collection. The Bouchra Jarrar collection featured countless looks composed of pieces that brought a winter vibe and were layered over simple, light pieces. From a large fur coat layered over a short skirt to a heavy scarf layered over a T-shirt, the entire collection appealed to me because of the ease to alter the layers in case you got cold or warm in a certain setting.

There are several easy ways of looking the part of both stylish and cozy warm. The Bouchra Jarrar collection featured versatile looks that I wanted to bring into my look for the day. When I took this lace kimono and layered it over a plain T-shirt, I loved the outcome. In order to be as warm as possible, I am actually wearing a pair of athletic leggings. Why skip on the comfort when you can get a great look and stay cozy at the same time?

This outfit was really a great fit for me. When I was walking around outside, the amount of layers I was wearing was perfect. However, once I was inside the coffee shop later that day, I ended up taking off the scarf and kimono to be more comfortable. Because my outfit didn’t have much color in it, I decided to add a splash of color by slipping on my favorite pair of shoes, my Hunter Boots, for the perfect final touch to my look for the day.

Get My Look: 1. A statement lace kimono. 2. A plain V-neck. 3. A pair of Under Armour leggings.