August 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

We get it! Color is not for everyone, l bet your wardrobe is full of plain color, such as black, white and dark blue—the list goes on. Well, let me tell you its time to add some color to your life. It’s not only me saying it, in fact scientific evidence witnesses that brighter clothes can make you happier, so why not give your wardrobe a change. As seen in Gucci latest comeback change which seeks to push boundaries by critical  it classic designs with unexpected updates. As in collection the colors red and green was used to strong effect. Is clear that Gucci latest fashion show is setting into more lively and brighter. direction

So is time for us to change too don’t you think; here are my simple ways to kick up your wardrobe with color. This outfit will not only fit into your everyday life, day and night but can also stop the traffic—of course for all the right reasons.

If dressing in all the colors of the rainbow isn’t for you, go for bright staple pieces that will harmonize your shape. As can be seen on this look with this flowery top in yellow shades, is the perfect thing to cheer l you up on bad day; yellow is associated with intelligence  combine it with this light blue skirt because blue is a color that is peaceful and calming, so wearing them both on your big exam might help you to stay calm and get extra marks.

However, l absolutely understand that it may feel a bit overwhelming wearing bright colors so for that reason, l’d recommend to pair these colors with simpler and softer tones so as to add contrast, coupling with a pair of neutral high boots, as well as a neutral clutch bag.  And you won’t look like a rainbow for sure.

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