STYLE GURU STYLE: Bright Colors and Prints

What comes to mind when you hear “business casual?” Most people think black and white, and no prints. I think that when you’re in need of a business casual outfit, there is nothing wrong with spicing things up! Now that I have a summer job that requires me to wear business attire, I need inspiration. Luckily, I saw the alice + olivia resort 2015 collection. This collection consists of colorful and fun pieces that are perfect for a professional summer job. It features loose pantsuits, mini skirts and trousers that contained fun prints. At the same time, the ensembles also look professional.

What stood out to me the most in this collection was the use of prints and bright colors. I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to shake things up a bit with my wardrobe! Instead of choosing only black and white garments, I opted for a printed black and white mini skirt with an orange button-down shirt and black wedge sandals. I decided to accessorize with a white cross-body bag, and gold rings and necklaces to add a touch of elegance. By mixing colors with prints, I managed to pull off a colorful, yet chic look for a day in the business world. Black and white are still an essential part of any professional ensemble, but can be enhanced with a pop of color and prints, especially during the summer.

One of the best parts of mixing colors with prints is how you can use anything to add that pop of color to your outfit. Instead of a bright colored blouse, you could throw on a colorful statement necklace or pair of shoes. Another idea is to wear a printed blouse and bright colored pants together. It really comes down to how you feel and how you want to stand out. Be creative; after all, it’s your look!

Get My Look: 1. Orange button-down blouse. 2. Printed black and white mini skirt. 3. Black strappy sandals. 4. White cross-body bag.