Who would have thought that combining masculine and feminine pieces would ever be a trend? Yeah, me either. But I am so very glad that it happened. Whether it involves combing sneakers and a delicate dress, or a masculine blazer and a lace detailed T-shirt, I have come to enthusiastically incorporate this popular trend into my wardrobe on a daily basis.

I draw a lot of inspiration from the Rochas pre-fall 2016 collection, especially the oversized jackets and thick, hand-woven tweed. If I haven’t already mentioned, I consider myself a specialist in outerwear due to the fact that I own about 500 jackets and coats. So when I saw Rochas focus on outerwear, I was immediately hooked.

Another aspect that hooked me on the Rochas collection was their combination of the thick, masculine pieces with the daintier, feminine pieces. This definitely gave the collection a modern and fresh look. Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Rochas creative director wanted to “convey a sense of ease and of a relaxed, less structured feel.” The boy meets girl combination achieved that goal with ease, and, if I may say so, in a very trendy way.

Much like the Rochas show, I decided to really focus on the contrast between feminine and masculine pieces with my light, summery dress and the heavy longline sweater. My mauve Old Navy dress gives off a wispy, feminine vibe; reminding me of warm weather and sunshine. I paired it with a vintage longline sweater that I found in my mom’s closet to keep me warm, tights, and my new favorite pair of Zara booties I grabbed during their Black Friday sale.

This contrast between typically feminine pieces and masculine pieces is not a new concept in the fashion world, but I love trying to figure out how to make it work in my everyday style. If done right, combing light, lacy, delicate pieces with hard, structured pieces gives any outfit an avant-garde feel. The difference between the two can be really appealing and make for an interesting look.

Get My Look: 1. Any long sweater or cardigan. 2. Flowy, unstructured dress. 3. Ankle booties.