STYLE GURU STYLE: Bows and Stripes

Good day Fashionistas/os! Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

It is finally August, which also means that it is almost time for school. This week we will explore stripes on a long top as well as bows on shoes. This look is great if one wants to show a casual vibe. Moreover, it can even be dressy in a way, especially for a nice dinner at a restaurant. A specific runway show that inspired me was the Escada resort 2015 collection, which focuses on blending stripes to create patterns as an opener.

I really like the top because it is simple and long. As you all know, stripes can sometimes be unflattering. However, this look is chic, especially because the stripes swiftly transfer to a different texture that makes the top seem elegant. Similarly, just like the designer’s show, the outfit creates patterns with the different fabrics meeting together, which creates a cute top.

I want to also point out my brown shoes, which even have bows. Bows are definitely cute and popular these days during the summer. I think that the bows on these type of shoes do not make them look childish; rather, the shoes look sophisticated, in a way. In addition, I wanted to use a different color for my shoes in order to mix up the look. Thus, whenever you want to stand out with your look, add a pop of color in any accessory or outfit!

Overall, this look is casual and versatile as well, which is why you can see me with my hair in a bun.

See you soon friends!

Get My Look: 1. Striped shirt. 2. Cute flats. 3. Leggings.