There comes a time in summer when you get excited about going back to school, seeing the trees change and being able to style fall outfits. Unfortunately, that time always comes in mid-August when it’s a billion degrees outside, and you’re sweating your makeup off around every corner you walk. Yet, there are still some ways to push in some fall styles into your wardrobe and look. 

I styled this outfit, trying to have the feeling of put together, yet a sense of relaxation to the look. My fall piece that I chose, was the blazer. My inspiration came from Maison Mayle’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection, where she paired outfits with many blazers, accenting with amazing necklaces. This really intrigued me, because you can wear this style in any season, it’s just a matter of changing out the bottoms, which is always nice for a college student, quick and easy.

I went with a navy blue blazer, I felt like a black blazer was too harsh for summer, and the navy blue blazer had a sense of nautical to it. I went ahead a chose my statement necklace, which I actually made (but don’t worry, you can too!) I stole a shoe lace off of one of my combat boots, and wrapped that around my neck. Then, I had a bull’s head that I tied onto the shoe lace, easy as that! It’s definitely a statement, and you can choose whatever “accent’ you want. Going with the bull’s head added a bit of an aztec feel to the style.

In order to make the look a little more relaxed, I paired it with a classic gray T-shirt, tucking that into a pair of ripped denim high waisted shorts. A style that I’ve been doing lately is just tucking in the front of my tee into my shorts, and letting the rest hang from the back. It gives it a little bit more dimension, and allows less worry about whether it’s all bunched in the back or not. Adding a little bit of pattern to the overall pretty simplistic look, I topped off the outfit with some tassled leopard print flats. This look is a style that you could wear to do anything, and switch out a lot of the pieces, to make it look different each week.

Get My Look: 1. Any classic blazer. 2. A pair of ripped shorts. 3. A bolo tie (add your own accent jewelry too it!).