The weather is finally changing up here in South Florida, and I couldn’t be more excited. I finally get to pull out my cute sweaters and boots that have been stored under my bed for the longest. This week’s outfit was inspired by Alexander McQueen pre-fall 2015 collection. My favorite parts about this collection were the varieties of knit and leather that were seen quite a bit throughout.

While both elements look great on their own, it’s definitely a statement when they’re paired together. My take on these two fabrics was to combine them into one piece because they complement each other so well. More often than not you find a sweater that has small accents of leather, but this sweater certainly takes it to another level. With a large panel taking up most of the front, this surely adds a twist on a plain black sweater.

We all know leather isn’t the warmest, but it was perfect for what we Floridians call “cold weather.” To combat the strong winds and add variety with a different color, I paired this look with a light coat in a soft gray tone. Keeping the comfort level at an all time high, these stretchy, light blue jeggings did just the trick.

To finish off the look I added one of my new favorite pairs of burgundy slip-on sneakers. I have been seeing shoes like this everywhere and just had to get myself a pair. They come in a ton of different colors, prints and even textures. I finally see what the hype is about because they add the perfect casual touch to any outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Light gray coat. 2. Leather paneled sweater. 3. Burgundy slip-ons