January 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Cardigans, leggings and booties are essential for the winter, but how do you make these simple pieces stand out from everyone else? Bold colors and prints are the way to go!

I was inspired by Versace’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I loved how the designer incorporated bright spring/summer colors into fall outfits. I especially fell in love with the vintage ’70s feel the outfits gave me. Most of the looks had black pieces with a bold and colorful piece that made the outfit stand out. Most of the designs were asymmetrical dresses and geometric prints. A lot of the looks also used sequins and lettering to make them look very flashy.

I decided to transform the fall look into a simple winter look that you could wear on campus or on the go! First, I took out this pair of bold and dark purple leggings. I then decided to put on a white pullover cardigan. To make the look more ’70s styled, I chose a chestnut colored bootie with thick buckles. I then wore a metallic scarf to modernize the look, but I didn’t wrap it around my neck. Next, I curled my hair using my curling wand, curling my hair horizontally instead of vertically to make the curls loose, like how some of the models in this collection have their hair. Since the ’70s was known for its floral print, I decided I would wear these flower earrings. I liked how most of the models had natural make up with very bold eyeliner so I imitated a similar make up look by using a light pink lip gloss, paired with eyeliner under my eye. To give my lashes definition, I smudged some of my mascara under my eyes.

Get My Look: 1. Pullover cardigan. 2. Bold colored leggings. 3. Metallic infinity scarf.



  • Melany Smeriglio

    University of Bridgeport Class of 2019. Fashion Merchandising major. UB Ballroom Dance Team Captain. Lover of everything Disney, dance, coffee, and fashion.