STYLE GURU STYLE: Bold in Basics

May 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

I always seem to find myself struggling to find an outfit that makes a statement but is also comfortable to be in for multiple hours. I love standing out when it comes to fashion, but it’s hard to find clothes that are easy to walk around in, sit in, and just spend all day in. Statement apparel can also get very pricey!

Solid layering tanks, a denim jacket, and sneakers are all fashion essentials most of us have laying around. Pair those with some bold pants, or a skirt to make a fashionable outfit that will be perfect for a day in the city or a day of shopping. This is also an awesome outfit idea for students who like to show off their fashion sense but also have to walk several miles around campus each day.  As a college student, it is hard to be able to afford high-end fashion. So, sometimes you just need to get creative with clothing items that you already have!

For my outfit, I found striped pants that are light weight, stretchy, and extremely comfortable to be in for a long period of time. For my top, I wore a basic white tank and a classic denim jacket. For shoes, I wore my white Adidas sneakers, which are great for walking in and are an essential for my spring look. To top off the outfit and give it a little more excitement, I wore a thick, velvet black choker, and clear-framed aviator glasses. Glasses are one of my favorite accessories to add to what I’m wearing because they give any outfit some personality. They are great if you are in a rush and if you don’t have time to do eye makeup that day.

All in all, get creative with what you already have and you can still stand out while being comfortable and saving money!