STYLE GURU STYLE: Bold And Brilliant

Hi there all Fashionistas/os! The time has come for my last summer article with College Fashionista. But don’t worry, I have decided to share my best advice yet! This week’s featured look originates from the fall 2015 Chanel show. That’s right, the fashion show with the best models and outfits around. Read on to see how I’ve incorporated its trends into my own affordable wardrobe!

The first aspect of the show I noticed is the bright lipstick on each of the models. Notice the Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion on my lips. Its dual-sided applicator allows me to shape and color with precise definition. The particular shade I am using is Fragile Ego. This pink shade’s fluid lip color has a shimmery potent effect. Estée Lauder spokesmodel Kendall Jenner happens to love this lipstick herself, and she is coincidentally found in the Chanel show!

The next part of my look is this purple Urban Outfitters dress. The Chanel show features various dresses and patterns, so I’ve selected a piece that represents a combination of them all. My favorite feature of this dress is its elegant purple shade. I have noticed throughout my style research and this fashion show that purple is finally coming back into style. So make sure to add some purple into your personal collection this fall!

The final accessory to my ensemble is this pair of black Chinese Laundry shoes. Black heels are a theme throughout the Chanel show, so I have put on a favorite pair of my own. These strappy sandals give my look that extra edge, sort of like the Chanel shoes featured in the show!

Get My Look: 1. Estée Lauder Lip Potion. 2. A patterned dress. 3. Black heels.