STYLE GURU STYLE: Boisterous Black

If I were to interpret head to toe black on black, I would most likely opt for a chic look with clean lines and sharp statements. Scrolling through Katie Eary’s fall 2016 menswear line I was inspired to take black to a, well, fluffier level. Eary’s line was peppered with metallic materials, fur and fun textures that echoed a soft edginess that I couldn’t get enough of. Each look was simplistic while maintaining distinct detailing that defined the series as a piece of art as a whole. The look that stuck out most to me was look one, a monochromatic black masterpiece that expressed the true volume black can achieve.

At times, winter decides that it will make itself really cold so you have to sacrifice style in order to keep a limb from freezing off. I’m definitely guilty of wearing mismatched layers in order to survive walking to class in Chicago weather. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not. Eary’s look proves that you can achieve staying warm and looking fierce. What a concept! The key to this crazy logic was the giant black jacket with fur detailing. Put those petite jackets in the closets, bigger is so much better. I’ve invested in a Calvin Klein activewear coat with a fur lined hood to brave this winter with and kick off this look.

The next step was incorporating the iconic metallics evident in nearly every piece. As cool as owning straight-up metallic pants would be, budgeting is very real in college. So, I showed some shine in my shoe wear. These babies are awesome for turning an average, everyday look into something worth remembering. My pants still couldn’t be normal pants, though. Eary played with so many cool textures that I couldn’t rob my interpretation of the same playfulness. I decided to slip on my black, rippled pants.

Get My Look: 1. A big, black winter coat. 2. Metallic shoes. 3. Textured pants.