Going bold and simple has been a common theme for me this summer. That is why I was very excited when I found the Alberta Ferretti resort 2016 collection. What I think she was going for here is a polished, bohemian look. Light fabrics are mixed with bold prints. This keeps the simple shapes of the clothing interesting. In this look, I especially love the combination of a thicker satin fabric with the light chiffon. It’s a good balance of rough and soft. At first, I was mainly inspired by the prints and fabric combinations. Yet, looking further through the collection, I thought it was so cool how smooth the color transitions were. The hues of the outfits merged together beautifully.

I wanted to add that element into my outfit. I created a combination of red, white and blue. I based my color coordination off of one key piece in my outfit, which was my chiffon shirt. I find if you choose to stick with one item of clothing when creating your outfit, the rest of the look will just flow. You can then easily figure out what other items work best with that key piece. I added a red skirt from H&M to maintain the movable and free aspects of Ferretti’s clothing. I also noticed in the look that along with the idea of a on-the-go girl, there is a little purse that acts as a traveling device. I added a small purse to the look. It kept with the idea of a bohemian traveler packing lightly. I thought it also allowed for another color transition into a beige tone, which Ferretti also includes in the collection. For a final color transition into black, I paired the outfit with some classic sandals. Birkenstocks are always a go-to for the bohemian traveler.

Get My Look: 1. Chiffon shirt. 2. Flowing skirt. 3. Sandals.