STYLE GURU STYLE: Boho With a French Twist

With summer just around the corner and finals almost over, I thought I’d share one of my many favorite spring looks. This outfit encompasses a blend between a bohemian look and a French sort of look. I have never been able to identify myself with just one type of look, my style is constantly changing. This outfit sums up how I dress because like my own personal style I am always mixing and matching and combining the many styles I love.

I have chosen to wear a light blue off-the-shoulder top which is perfect for the warm weather on its way. As much as I love wearing black, I thought it was best to dress for the spring season. To contrast from my feminine top I chose to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans for a more comfortable and relaxed look. The dark wash jeans also add to the lightness of the shirt and creates contrast between the colors. As for the shoes I wanted to wear a pair that would bring out the boho feel of the shirt, so I chose to wear a pair of brown suede strappy wedges.

The garments I wore all have a bohemian feel to them, it is the accessories I chose for this outfit that bring in the French vibe. Recently I have been really into scarves so I took a scarf and folded it to resemble a choker. This adds a pop of color to the ensemble that creates a point of emphasis within the outfit. To keep with French style I wore a pair of modern mirror cat eye sunglasses.