The resort 2016 collection by Valentino was every free-spirited Fashionista’s dream wardrobe. The bold prints and over the top jewelry gave the collection a cool, tribal vibe. The hot trend of incorporating sheer elements into garments was seen abundantly throughout the collection. Gorgeous feminine dresses were seen paired with oversized coats and sweaters, giving off a relaxed, urban vibe. This collection highlights an appreciation for bohemian details without overdoing it, making the collection easily transitional to street style.

No fashion house does prints quite like Valentino. Each Valentino print that graces the runway is unique, eye-catching and has an undoubtedly artistic quality. When looking at this collection, the prints of course caught my eye, but it was the use of sheer elements that I really fell in love with. The use of sheer details and garments is very on-trend right now. Whether it’s done in chiffon or lace, the sheer trend can be seen everywhere.

I decided my goal was to make the delicate vibe of sheer fabric feel cool and relaxed the way Valentino did in the resort 2016 collection. To do this, I paired a black dress with sheer draping with an oversized denim jacket. The contrast between feminine and masculine garments makes the ensemble interesting yet casual, which Valentino perfected in several looks including the opening look. To create the bohemian vibe of the Valentino collection, I opted for over the top earrings and layered necklaces. Layering jewelry is an easy way to give your look a free-spirited feel. The earrings add a subtle pop of color with red beading, while I kept the necklaces neutral in gold and white. While Valentino’s collection is composed of closed-toed shoes, I opted for dramatic gold sandals to keep the outfit perfect for the summer season.

Get My Look: 1. A sheer dress. 2. An oversized jacket. 3. Bold, bohemian earrings.